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Friday, June 13, 2014

A Boob Runs In A Haboob!

After three weeks of running near sundown, I awoke this morning to a forecast that called for thunderstorms between three and five p.m. At noon, they changed the forecast to rain between five and six p.m. Then at three, they called for no showers, but just cloudy conditions from six p.m. on. So, I finally ended up going out to run a few minutes after six p.m. I no sooner got a half mile from the house when a giant haboob came blasting me from the west. For the next twenty minutes I was blasted so hard that at times, I could barely see my own feet. I tried to stay north and south, avoiding running dead west. I got hit bye a few tumbleweeds, and even with good sunglasses, got my eyes and teeth sanded. It slowed down until I got a few final minutes from home, and then it all stopped and the sun came out. So, I managed to pick the absolute perfect hour of horrid weather in an otherwise nice day.
I came into the house and immediately headed into the bathroom. Between the sand in my eyes and on my bare skin, I looked like john boehner on a bender. It took me two washings to get the sand out of my hair, and a good while to dig the sand from every crack and crevice on my body. I then washed off my contacts and q-tipped my ears. So a boob runs in a haboob......

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