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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Toolbox Of Running Shoes!

My current rotation of running shoes is twelve. In two days, it will increase to thirteen when these nike flyknit lunar 2 shoes arrive from Running Warehouse. Now before you ASSUME that I am crazy, let me give you my rationale. Running shoes to me are like golf clubs. They serve a specific purpose for where you happen to be on the course. Or, in another self rationalization analogy, different tools in a toolbox. Now in my yearly running log, the first two pages are devoted to how many kilometers I have run so far on each of these shoes. That way, when they hit around 400 kilometers, they either get relegated to casual wear or to the gym (other than running shoes, I actually only own a few pairs of sandals) or donated to "soles for souls" where they get their lives extended bye a few tall ethiopians and kenyans.
Now all the shoes I purchase involve a lot of research, and are purchased with a plan for how the shoe will be used and on what surface(s). I buy all my shoes from running warehouse in california. I usually purchase a model that is being replaced bye a newer version, and are normally around 40% off. I also use the code RUNBLOG10 on every purchase to get an additional 10% off. Since shipping is free, this results in a hundred twenty dollar shoe being obtained from around $65 bucks. Now, with their system of basing how a shoe will fit on a pair you already own, I have not gotten a shoe that doesn't fit in about four years. If I did, they can be returned free of charge for another shoe or a refund. Pretty painless. On occasion, I buy a shoe and try it for a while, and it just doesn't work for me. I then usually sell it on ebay, and end up losing $20 bucks or so. Not a biggy. Now my wife thinks this is anally retentive hoarding a bit looney, but when you are a one trick pony with only one primary hobby (TV and bourbon being the other two!), it is what it is.....
So here is my rotation.....saucony kinvera 5 as new road racing shoe. Nike Zoom terra kiger as my trail racing shoe. Saucony Cortana 3, brooks launch, or newton gravity as my long day shoe. Altra provision 1.5, altra instinct 1.5, and brooks pure cadence 2 as general easy days. I specifically go to the zero drop altras when I am focusing on form. Saucony kinvara 4 (previous racing shoe), brooks pure connect, and newton energy for shorter speed work days. The newtons and kinvaras I use when the speedwork is on paved bike trails or roads, and the pure connects solely on dirt. And finally, kahru flow light fulcrum when I have the occasion to run on a track. So now where will the new nike flyknits hopefully fit in a longer distance fast or progressive run day shoe. Now of course, that is just the PLANNED use.....won't know until I use it for a while! I am THINKING of returning to the ten mile to half marathon distance for a race this fall, and this would be the shoe I would be planning to compete in. But, considering how hard it has been to stay healthy over the last three years, it all may blow up in my face.......

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