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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ten Days Of Heat Wave!

We have had a particularly hot last ten days from a heat wave that covered southern california, southern arizona, and southern new mexico. It seemed that every day I looked ahead on the forecast, they kept adjusting it upward. I ran six of those ten days, and did each run virtually the same way. I went online and looked up when sundown would occur, and then headed out around 50 minutes beforehand to start my run. I ran very slowly and cautiously until sunset, and then cranked it up to tempo or 10K pace for anywhere between 8 and 15 minutes. Then I walked for around ten more minutes to safely cool down and keep myself from getting dizzy from my blood pressure medicine. Have had to do that now as a general safety precaution. The temps ranged from 101 to 108 for those ten days.
The next ten days appear to move closer to normal june temps of 93 to 97. That won't change my running much, other than allowing greater intensity earlier in the run. Still dang hot. My knee is still around 70% better, but has still not completely resolved. As my boy terrible and I always talk about, you constantly try different things until you find that one stretching or strengthening exercise that seems to do the trick, but the hunt can take a while.
My bride fell down in the bathroom last monday in the middle of the night. I heard the scream and the thump. She blamed mugsy the cat for knocking a lotion bottle to the floor from her bathroom counter, but who knows. I got her up and to the bathroom and back to bed. She had a dox appointment the next day, and he sent her for xrays after. Appears to have bruised ribs. That will put a good dent in physical therapy for a while. I may have to find a bubble suit to put her in.

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