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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Rythm Of The Heat!

Looking out the window
I see the red dust clear
High up on the red rock
Stands the shadow with the spear

The land here is strong
Strong beneath my feet
it feeds on the blood
it feeds on the heat

The rhythm is below me
The rhythm of the heat
The rhythm is around me
The rhythm has control
The rhythm is inside me
The rhythm has my soul

Thank you peter! If you get a chance to see Peter's verona italy show with an orchestra that was recorded this past february, it is probably one of the most beautiful, perfectly recorded concerts I have ever seen. Giving peter an orchestra is like giving a monkey both a gun and an ipad. incredible.
June has been a hot month, but actually cooler than the last two weeks of may. This june has been much cooler than the past two junes with temps in the low 90's vs low 100's. That changes today thru the weekend. Another hot spell is coming thru that will put us into the 103 to 104 range again. Hopefully, monsoon season will begin early in july and give us both cooler temps and some damn precipitation.
My runs have been very consistent over the past 4 weeks. I have run 4 or 5 times a week, pretty much the same way. I head out about 55 minutes before sunset, and run a very easy 8K until sundown. If I am tired, I call it at that point. More often, I then add 1 1/2 to 3 more kilometers at tempo pace. This training program has kept me healthy for the last 4 weeks and allowed me to total 163 kilometers in that time. I am certainly not in prime racing shape, but in generally good running condition. The extra strength work at the gym, including a lot more focus on my lower body than I usually do, has me hoping I can train like this into september, when I will do more focused speed work and get in a bit better race shape. I do plan to run a 5K in las cruces next thursday night before the festival of light parade and fire work show with my friends Chris and AD. Chris has a reasonable chance of winning this race outright at the tender age of 43. It is expected to still be in the low 90's at 7:45 when the race is slated to start, so I will just treat it as another tempo run. Don't want to risk a cardiac event trying to run this at redline.
Had some interrupted sleep the last two nights with my damn $2 smoke detectors. The one in the guest bedroom started chirping. I got 3 new batteries for the three of them slated to last 5 years. Put the first one in, and couldn't stop the damn beeping. Went on the googly tubes and found a solution......unplug the unit, take the batteries out, and hold the reset button down for two beeps. That worked. Then I replace the battery in the unit in the master bedroom, and all the units went off the next evening. Had to go in the garage and reset two breakers that control the units. So all is quiet today, but I still need to borrow dan and ronnie's tall ladder and do the one in the great room that is freakin' at the highest peak in the house.....I HATE climbing high on ladders with my numb feat and doing shit up there, but I will probably wait until after the gym tomorrow and hopefully a good night of quiet sleep. You know, this is a reasonably low maintenance house, and I don't mind doing most things that don't require any heavy lifting on my arthritic disk bulged spine, but I know a day will come when I will have to pay a handy man to come to my rescue....
Deb is doing a good bit better and managing to move around, go to the store and shelter, and do some normal tasks again. We go to the doc the second week of july, and I am going to have to start fighting with the doc to start removing some opiates while he adds these damn seizure meds. This whole process will take months, so I am doubting that deb will get to ohio this summer. Also got to get to the furniture store in early july and buy a cheap queen bed for the guest room. Our first visitors will be Guy and Pat in late july. Also been trying to sell the scoot thru craigs list over the past month to little avail. Saw two like mine sold on ebay where the buyer has to arrange shipping. May try that in early july also. I enjoy it, but since deb's accident last december, she is just scared as hell every gym day when I head out around ten or eleven. And since I am her caregiver after all, gotta do my best to stay alive. Her other big worry is damn rattlers, but I have re-designed my running routes to generally avoid them. I guess that is about all I can to for now to dodge the reaper!


TerribleTerry said...

I'll make sure your nursing home has a good handyman.

Terrible Dad said...

You ARE a good son!