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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

If Corporations Are People......Than GM Should Be On Trial For Manslaughter!

Now, since corporations are people, and even able to have their own religious beliefs, when do we put a corporation on trial for manslaughter. GM had knowledge of the dangers of their ignition switch for many years, but instead of doing an eighty seven cent recall, they chose to ignore it, causing the death of over thirty people. Now, since they are a person, why doesn't the prosecutor in their incorporated state, go to the grand jury and get an indictment for manslaughter? Was watching CNBC today and listening to two fellows discuss why GM is at a good price point based on the fact that the expected billion dollar settlement will be of minor impact to the stock value, and how GM has substantially cut labor costs, is building more vehicles on fewer platforms, and are expanding well in europe and china. So thirty unnecessary dead people just turned out to be a minor we have just turned out to be a callous immoral lot.......I guess GM as a person, is just not a very good christian....

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