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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rough Week All The Way Around!

Tough week on many levels. Got a lowball offer from farm bureau insurance on deb's claim that I now will have to fight or retain an attorney. Went thru the stresses of buying a new car. Having my bride spend a few hours in the ER from the stepping down of a bunch of drugs.....many of which are anti seizure drugs that we have jointly decided she is done trying. Getting my boy to commit to the honeymoon trip we wanted to provide while prices were going up on my favorite vegas destination....hotel 32. Just a stressful week without much sleep.
My normal response to stress is running more, which, aligned with a weird schedule, allowed me to get in 5 runs this week for a weekly high in mileage of 45 Kilometers. That averages 9K per run, which takes me generally around an hour for 5 hours of total running this week (that conversion is for "little E" who tracks his running bye time). The weather was extremely hot AND humid this week, so even though I went out for each run about 50 minutes before sundown, it did not do me much good. Reminded me of that summer running I did in Mesquite. So many things I seem to continually lose....heat tolerance, need to hydrate so much more, all my orthopaedic limitations, limited ability to push a high volume of intensity, etc....
And finally, thursday was supposed to be "Vitamin T" day, but in all the car buying, Deb emergency room antics, I forgot. So for the last three days I have been feeling more drag than rowing a boat with a rope and bucket attached providing some unnecessary resistance.....So I will get shot tonight after my shower and try to get some Benjamin Button chemical assistance.....

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