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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One Of Those, Rare, Great Runs!

Had a good 12K run on tuesday a bit brisker than normal. Today I went out planning to run 8K with some real intensity. I warmed up for 20 minutes and felt surprisingly good. I then did three long intervals of 8,5, and 5 minutes with 2 1/2 minute recoveries. The 8 minute interval was at my 5K race pace, the real one, not that crap from july 3rd. And the two 5 minute intervals were at comparable 2 mile race pace. Felt great the whole way thru, which happens so rarely these days. I have the opportunity to run a 2 mile race on august 9th to support las cruces high school cross country, and I may try to run that two miles at the pace I did those two 5 minute intervals in. We shall see. The only bad part of the run was that parts of my track were wet from yesterdays lunatic two hour flooding storm, so I had to go to the edges a few times and I seemed to pick up every lose goathead in Deming. Will have to sit on the back pad tomorrow in my old man metal rocking chair and take deb's old eyebrow tweezers and pull them all out......
Tomorrow I will be up at 9:00 or so and on the road to Las Cruces bye 10:30 to pick up Deb's new DUB, whichever one it is.......

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