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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pay Attention Ernie, I Am Talking About Cars!

Had three good runs this week and hope to add one more tonight. On tuesday I ran 12K....10K easy, and then 2K hard after sundown. On wednesday I ran 8K easy, which was a slog after my usual weak recovery from the previous day. On friday I ran a brisk 13K on a cooler than usual day here. On saturday I rode my new bike to the gym, and when I got there I had a flat front tire. Did my workout, and then walked home. I removed the tire, and it was a pinch flat on the tube. So I payed $20 extra to have these tires installed before the bike was shipped, and the idiot who installed didn't bother to put the tube on, slightly inflate it, before putting the tire on. I sent them a nice pissed off email and haven't heard back yet. Sure was a nice super hot 3 mile walk home. Today I will go out in the evening and try to do an 8K with some form of interval intensity included. That would give me 41K for the week which hits my goal quite nicely.
Tomorrow I will head into Las Cruces. I will first hit the bike shop and get a tube put into the tire (my tubes won't work because the tires are plastic and have these silly aero rims that need those tubes with extra long stems). Will also pick up two spare tubes for the future....I have an appointment at 3:00 for an oil change which will be free while they attempt to talk me into buying a new car. I got a letter offering me the free service plus 115% black book trade in value for my car. Doubt that they will hit a number acceptable to me on trade in, but I will drive two cars there just to see if I like them. The have a blue passat sport 1.8L turbo that is absent all the fancy bells and whistles like nav and useless sun roof and big wheels. That car is 27,000. I want to see if the drivers compartment is any roomier than the jetta. It says it is an inch and a half more leg room and two inches more head room, but it is really a bigger car than I need. We rarely drive with more than deb and I in the car. The other car (yes, this is for you ernie!) is the jetta gli 30th anniversary edition which is 29,500. It HAS all the bells and whistles.....2.0L engine, nav and back up camera, sport tuned suspension, 8 speaker fender sound system, weird steering wheel (kind of square shaped), sport seats, etc. They also give you .9% financing for 60 months, and a thousand buck gas card. Would still need a hell of a deal to make it in any way affordable. So, I will do the dance and get my free oil change. IF I were to buy a car, and there are lots of deals out there for summer, I would do it in the next two months, as the next service on my car is the 40 thousand mile service and it runs $700. Also got an offer from Volvo of el paso for an S60 for $33,000 with 5 years bumper to bumper warranty, service included, but again, would need a great trade in offer and still would have to throw in about 5 grand of cash to make the payments in my $250 max wheel house.....anyway, probably just gonna be a waste of time for a free oil change, but it is what it is......

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