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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The "Unknown Participant"!

Had a good run last night.....ran 11K easy in the heat and humidity, and then ran 2K at dusk at tempo speed. Sore today, but going to go back out at 7:40 and run an easy 8K, and then hit the gym on thursday. Two days in a row of running, with one of them having intensity, is about as much as I can orthopaedically handle.
The results from the electric light parade 5K from July 3rd in the evening were posted yesterday. Now that was my WORST and most painful 5K ever, between the high heat and humidity, body and building heat from the thousands of folks lining the route, the spectators bobbing and weaving thru the runners to get across the street to buy all the shiny crap that lights up, and the worst thing of all, all the smoke sparking my asthma from all the damn grills. So I was amused to open the link to the results, and to see right at the top, number 126 as "unknown participant" with no name, age, or place in any sub division. So, when I was the first registrant on race day, the two retards who took my money and completed registration form didn't put my name, age, etc into the computer, nor did they add it to my race number. So, I am the "unknown participant". Now, as it turns out, I was actually 2nd in the 60 to not dead age group. Don't care much about the bling, but Chris, AD, Beckers, and Deb all felt bad for me cause I didn't place and the other three all did. Didn't bother me that much because I felt so absolutely horrible about my time......Anyway, I emailed the las cruces running club and identified myself, asking that the results be updated to include me. Don't want the medal, just want my last year of race results, 10 races in all, to show that I placed somewhere in all of them......

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

I can see the update in the paper now. "Zombie at light parade identified as local runner."