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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gym Commute!

Yesterday was an unusual day here in all day into evening rain. We only get two or three days a year like this. I had a pretty busy day. Hit the gym early to work on my grocery carrying muscles. Came home and my "singlespeed bike in a box" was here. I opened the garage to enjoy the rain while I assembled it. Took me three hours. Terry would have done it in 30 or 40 minutes. The bike was unassembled except for the bottom bracket and crank arms. I had it assembled when I discovered that I had the fixie chainring side set up (meaning you don't get to coast and the pedals and crank arms never stop), so I had to take the rear apart again and flip the rear wheel to the freewheel side. So then it would coast. Went over to Joe's after for a celebratory beer and a few snacks. Came home and made Deb some crab and shrimp stuffed flounder, onion, pepper, and mozzarelli bruschetta, and some lemon and butter asparagus.
After dinner, I showered and watched some TV while sucking bourbon.
Today After getting coffee and some breakfast, I went back in the garage and swapped out the saddle on the bike to an older one I had with a slightly wider base and a bit more padding for my old bony ass derriere, and then did some final brake adjustments. I then rode one way up to the gym, and another way back. Took me 13 minutes each way, but one was a bit more of a beater on rough road and some gravel, so will will probably take the first one. That is a mile and a half on the bike trail, cross over to florida road, cut south in about 100 yards to escape traffic, and run on a parallel road to the backside of the gym. So, I am awaiting a small messenger backpack to carry the lock, gym ID, ipod, gym gloves, and leave room for a bottle of bourbon from the grocery store. That should be here bye friday, so I will be ready to go.....
After 7 days of some amount of rain, looks like we may be clear tonight so I will probably be getting back out around 7:30 again for a run....still is a good bit more humid though!

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