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Sunday, July 13, 2014

1000 Kilometers Vs. 1000 Miles....

In my hay days, in my mid 30's and early 40's, I would usually hit the 1000 mile mark somewhere in May of each year. In a good year, I would hit it early, and during a few years with injury or illness, hit it late in may or even early in june. I bring all this up because this week I hit the 1000 kilometer mark for the year on monday. It was halfway thru an 11K run. So I am not even a kilometer of the man I used to be......geesh. Anyway, all three runs this week were in rain. On the monday run, there was also an unfortunate ten minute period of hail. No haboobs though, just light to medium downpoors. Was a nice change from the sun and heat. So monsoon season this year is more regular than usual, with clouds coming in around 3 or 4, and rain around 6. I ran 11K on monday, 8K with 2.5K at tempo speed on wednesday, 9K on friday, and I will try for 11-13K tonight depending on how I feel. Forecast is identical for the next 7 days....highs of 92 or 93, cooling in the late afternoon with storms due each evening. Like I said....the weather that is normal for july into mid august. Found a cheap single speed bike to replace the scooter for rides to the is state bicycle co. out of phoenix. 62cm cheap steal. It ships for free and is due here tomorrow. Will swap out my eggbeater clipless pedals from my trek for now. The only changes I made to the bike were the addition of riser grips (which were a free exchange) and gatorskin tires which were an upgrade. Need them for the occasional goatheads. Went to bike nashbar and picked up a chain/lock and a small backpack messenger bag for when I need to go over to peppers and buy bourbon. There is a nice bike rack at the gym that is rarely used and it is right out of the front door. Chris and AD had their bikes there all summer long a year ago, unlocked, and there was never a problem, so I expect that I will be pretty safe. Never had any problems with the scoot.
The guy who bought my scoot I will pick up in El Paso on saturday August 30th, drive him here, and then he will do the first 400 miles of his three day ride back to omaha. Can't wait to meet this 68 year old mad man......

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