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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where's The Monsoons?

July 1st began the forecast for monsoon season 2014. The weather weenies have called for the possibility of thunderstorms from that day onward, and the 10 day forecast shows low 90's and again, possible thunderstorms every evening. So far, we have gotten one ten minute storm late on sunday evening. I was able get in an easy 8 miler on sunday (13K), due to the fact that it was overcast with cool winds. That is about as long as I want to go anymore based on my orthopaedic limitations. Tonight I will try to go 10K with 3 or 4 cruise intervals to try and start to ratchet up intensity. On two of the days of july so far, I ended up running in small haboobs. Looked like a rainstorm, but turned out to just be dust. Hate running in those.....
On July 3rd, phoenix has gotten it's first haboob of the season. The picture on top is from someone getting out on a plane just as the haboob was hitting. Nice huh.....Phoenix, which has been in drought the past three years is getting these fairly regularly now instead of monsoon storms. Man made global weather effect? Course is just a hoax perpetrated bye liberals to.....I can never figure out why those liberals want to perpetrate this hoax!
one hour left to go on my ebay listing of the scoot. I have one bid, so it looks like it is sold. That will make Deb happy. Since her accident last December, she is anxious every time I ride it. Although I do enjoy it and will miss it, can't do it at her expense. This will also pay for the new bed I bought, new glasses for Deb, getting the car it's expensive 40 thousand mile service, and buying a cheap single speed bike to ride to the gym that I can afford to be stolen. I can ride safe back streets on the bike path to the gym and take a small back pack if I need to pick up a few things at the grocery store next to the gym. That will also save the insurance costs and maintenance on the scoot, as little as those are. Gotta start to prepare for those higher costs for medical care for Deb that begin in 2016. Like my bud little "E" calls it, "the eroding of our standard of living"!


TerribleTerry said...

go to a garage sale and buy an old beater aluminum bike. I like going up north and finding some old heavy thing with fenders and a rack. $10 at a garage sale in Ohio. Make it look ugly. A little spray paint zebra job or something. Then lock it too.

TerribleTerry said...

It amazed me in Ohio this year to see folks riding bicycles. It used to only be people with DUI's. Now I see folks all over.

Terrible Dad said...

Yah, I will lock it. I found a couple half price single speeds with freewheels on ebay and bikes direct. will get a small backpack so i can go to the next door grocery store for liquor!