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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Keeping The Streak Alive!

On Sunday night, my bride and I had difficulty sleeping due to nasty sore throats. On monday morning, we knew we were screwed and had the beginnings of a nasty respiratory virus. Now Deb just said "oh well" and went back to bed for the last three days. I of course became a whining bitch a bit frustrated with this state of affairs. Now on top of this virus, all this laying around and coughing has made my freakin' back that much sorer. So I have managed to keep the streak alive of being healthy one out of every three months since turning 60. There is that old saying that a definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Even when healthy, I seem to only get about three good building weeks before some shit befalls me. Now I am a batshit crazy bullhead somewhat stubborn fellow, but at some point, it just starts to get completely unreasonable. That is what I was thinking last Saturday when I struggled to pass and stay ahead of a young couple taking quarter mile or so turns to push their ugly progeny in a three wheel running stroller. Why the hell am I still trying to do this? Now I don't mean why am I still running, but why do I still think after 39 years that I can still go thru long training cycles to make improvements in my speed and endurance. I have not had a period of more than 6 weeks without some issue in three years.
So, I think that when I get over this viral shit and irritated spinal column, I will just give up trying to traditionally train or attempt any kind of cycles of building either distance or intensity. I will run my 4 days a week, and if I feel good on any days, I will add a few cruise intervals and try to go a few kilometers longer, but no longer attempt to formalize anything. I will just race occasionally for "fun" into my 40th year of running, and presuming nothing about this crippled fucked up body changes, will give up the ghost of racing after that. My ego just can't take the constant bruising of being beaten bye old women, girls wearing tutu's, people pushing strollers, fat guys, and the assorted handicapped person. It just gets to be too much. They used to say that 80% of anything is just showing up, but in my case, showing up is just 80% embarrassment.......

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TerribleTerry said...

You need to take up golf. If you're having a bad round and are really frustrated, you at least get the comedy of almost hitting someone in the wrong fairway or the excitement of finding more balls than you lost. In running all you get is the realization that you have to keep on going.....because how else will you get back to your car.