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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trying To Wait Out Some Ugly Weather!

National Weather Service has issued a severe weather advisory for little old Deming. At 4 PM here it is currently blowing sand everywhere at around 45 miles per hour. This is the front of the storm. The middle of it may drop up to an inch of rain, with possible hail between 1/8" to 1/2" in size. Called my bride who took Mugsy to the vet to tell her to not dilly dally and get the new car smashed with hail. Will plan to run later this evening after this front comes thru. Been working both inside and outside the house over the last three days to get ready for a visit from my bud Ernie. Yard needed a good 4 hours of work yesterday to kill all the weeds that came from our record 6 weeks of rains, and to trim all the bushes to try and make them as tree like as possible. Everything is doing well and growing like crazy. Elder tree that blew over in the spring needed the most trimming. It survived the uprooting, and I have left it roped to a stake facing southwest awaiting the next retarded windstorms. Hopefully next spring it will grow well and get above bedroom window height again to accomplish what I wanted for this year......summer shade to keep the bedroom cooler.
This cold that we got a week ago sunday didn't stay too long, thank God. I was able to run 8K on thursday and friday, and then 11K on sunday. Since I have no potential races until December, just not gonna try to push anything out of this body so that I can enjoy running with Ernie when he gets here, and hopefully do what will probably be my last runs ever at zion and valley of fire when we get to Mesquite. Tomorrow I take the car in for it's 30 day inspection. I has been flawless so far. Then plan to do a run thru the pecan trees at the south end of NMSU. Got the scooter tires inflated, and am currently charging the battery. Will get it filled up at the end of the week during my last ride. I pick up it's new owner frank on the 30th. I will miss it, but it is not one of those big things in life. Got some final papers for deb to sign to give to the attorney to get him going on our lawsuit against Farmers Insurance. Expect it will be settled sometime next year, and will use the proceeds to pay off the ten grand note I have on the Passat.
Still planning to retire from any real training and racing after next year. The more I contemplate it, the more it seems like the right thing to do. I have at least 500 awards and medals......a few more won't change anything, besides, I don't want to find myself in the end, racing against this guy.....

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TerribleTerry said...

That tree is pretty resilient to be able to just plop it back in it's hole. I suppose there's a metaphor in there about your back. I'm suse I'll be laughing at you over the next few years as that tree teases you. It'll get almost high enough each year to shade your bedroom then break and get you out into the sun sweating yourself silly repairing it.