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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rory The Rattler!

Ran on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week thus far. Friday I hit the gym, and with monday being labor day and the gym being closed, I will probably run today thru monday for another 3 days in a row. On Tuesday, I was able to get out at three in the afternoon, as it was a rainy cool day. About two miles into a 7 mile run, I was on the asphalt bike path heading south completing the first of three laps on my track. Since we have had two months of solid rain, the bike path has grass and weeds up to the edge on both sides. All of a sudden I caught movement out of my left eye (the only one I can really see out of anymore), and there was Rory the rattler sliding away from the bike path. Scared the bejesus out of me. If it had chosen to strike me, I would never have seen it coming. It was a nice two footer. Damn, damn, damn, I hate rattlers'. So now, since rattlers rarely travel beyond an area of 150 yards in their lives, I will have two spots on my course to keep my eyes peeled.
Here is a still photo from the 2 mile race from august 9th. See the grimace on my face.....why is this girl smiling? Is it because she is young, running is fun, and she has know idea what is coming if she tries to do this for 40 years? I eventually beat her, the fat guy, and the stroller couple.....what an accomplishment.
Picked Frank from Omaha up at the airport this morning. Got to know him and some of his crazy exploits on scooters, including riding a 2 stroke 150cc vespa in a rally from anchorage to new orleans two years ago. He has ridden scooters in rallies all over the world, and at 67, makes me feel like an old broken wimp.......As I was taking this picture and Deb was begging him to be careful, he was telling her that we're all gonna die, and you really never know how, so therefore you should just do what you want to do.....from her expression, I sense disagreement!

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