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Sunday, September 7, 2014

500TH Post!

I started this blog a very long time ago to try and keep a few folks up to date with what was going on with my running, my life in general, and on occasion, what irritated the crap out of me. That was often something political, religious, environmental, or just plain stupid. On many occasions, those things converged. Now my initial followers were my sister suzi, little "e", my boy terrible, Mary, and a fellow named K. Brennen from Santa Fe who found something to follow from my posts. Over time I lost sister Sue, and picked up Frank and Billybob on occasion. Every once in a while, someone would find my blog based on it's title thru a googly tube search, and was upset bye it. That occurred the most often on a religious or political post. The response was usually negative and whiney. Never bothered me. Everyone can believe what they want to believe. The only times I was really irritated was when the people responded to environmentally related posts and just refused to accept scientific fact. My favorite political response to man made climate change espoused by so many energy lobbyists and politicians is "I am not a scientist and it's unproven theory"....kind of like how gravity is an unproven theory. If I put a glass of antifreeze in front of them and told them "since you are not a scientist, and 98 out of 100 scientists say it is poison, so it is still a theory, are you gonna drink up"? Doubt it. Kind of like drinking that safe untreated fracking water. So, nothing will probably change in my blog going forward.....
Over the last 21 days I have run 15 times for a total of 127 kilometers. I am especially sore absolutely everywhere. Today's run felt like I was leaning forward at the waist and falling more than running. For the next three weeks I will probably only get to run 4 times a week and for less mileage, so hopefully I will get a small amount of spring back in my step. Trying hard to get my bride packed up so we can head out of here on the 16th.....

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