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Monday, September 15, 2014

Laughlin Bound!

Ran for the last 7 days straight for a total of 55km. With Ernie here for six of those days, I didn't hit the gym, and he ran five of those six days with me for the first 60% or so of those runs. Nothing long or intense, just all medium easy days. Ernie is still somewhat on ohio time, and gets up about three hours ahead of me and sits out front sucking coffee and eating at least three meals before I get up. On thursday, I got up around ten and came out to get coffee, and one of our cats, dotty, was jumping up and down over something bye the door. After she stopped, I went over, and she had killed a hairy desert scorpion.....must have followed Ernie into the house on one of his 8 coffee stops. Glad she killed it, because although they are not deadly, their sting can hobble you and turn your leg below the knee into a swollen tree trunk. Don't need that a few days before a vacation. We head out tomorrow for Lauglin, and stay there on wednesday for layover, and then hit Mesquite on thursday. We will do mesquite, zion, lake mead, valley of fire, and monday night football, and then head to vegas on the following tuesday for three nights at hotel 32. My bride finally rallied back from the pain doctor trying to kill her, and seems ready for this vacation. Can't wait to see my boy and the lovely Inna......

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