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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Home From Laughlin/Mesquite/Vegas!

On our first full day in Laughlin on our Laughlin/Mesquite/Vegas odyssey, E2 and I went over to the outlets. E2 picked up some underwear, and I bought this shirt at the Reebok outlet. It is a Tech running shirt with the quote "force to be reckoned with" on it. While I was in the sports book, a young woman employee, probably coming back from break, walked up to me, put her hand in the center of my chest, and asked, "are you?" As she slid her hand down toward my genitals, I realized.......I am not!
After a long ride home friday of 12 hours thanks to a rush hour in phoenix that included a small haboob, rain, lunatic rush hour traffic with multiple accidents, and just 2 1/2 hours of mayhem, slept in late on saturday and got about some chores. Did my laundry, balanced the check book and did travel receipts, cleaned up my bathroom and straightened up some stuff in the house. Since I had no longer runs in the past two weeks, I went out and did a surprisingly brisk long run on saturday evening. It was 79 when I started and 69 an hour and twenty seven minutes later when I was done. We had 7 1/2 inches of rain when we were on vacation, and there was water pooled in the drainage pond by the eastern side of my track. For the first time ever since moving to Deming 7 1/2 years ago, there were freakin' mosquitos biting the crap out of me. Didn't like that much at all.
Today I slept in late again, watched the early football games and went out and washed the car and vacuumed all of the red sand from the inside. Spent a bit longer to get it looking like it did when I first brought it home. E2 would give me a B- grade for this effort. Bought a chip stick online from a VW dealer on amazon to repair the small set of scratches on the driver side passenger door that must have happened at valet in vegas. Didn't notice it until getting gas in kingman on friday. I will run easy today, and maybe a bit harder on monday, and then take tuesday off, as I have to take Deb to silver city for a pair of spinal injections to calm down her mid back and neck. She did pretty well on vacation, considering all fibro and medication detoxing she has been going thru. Had just the best time ever with her, E2, and the kids. Love the crap out of my new daughter in law Koozie......

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