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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pink Boob Race!

After doing a saturday long run of 13K, followed bye two days of 8K, the second one including 4 intervals of 5 minutes with two minute recoveries at just below expected 10K race pace, I decided to register for the 10K vs the 5K at this saturday's pink boob race at NMSU. They are expecting 700 folks, many who will be walking the 5K, so I thought I would stick with the running crowd and do the 10K. Although I am in good basic shape, I am far from racing shape, having not done any real hard efforts for almost three months now. Therefore, my goal is to just try to finish under an hour. I think that is doable, but we will find out on saturday. I will get to bring home a nice Koman pink shirt to cover my bride's boobs!
This is a picture of me after what is probably my last run ever at zion. Anything is possible, but this one is probably not going to ever appear again in my wheelhouse. It was hot, humid, and hilly, but I pushed to complete 8K so that my last run there would at least be acceptable to me. Unlike having a bucket list, I seem to be finishing things and realizing that these things could very well be the last time doing them. There is a melancholy nature to this, as I get near to what I believe will be my last decade of life. I am not trying to squeeze anything else into this life, just the desire to do a few more things with the folks I love. Getting to see my boy and his lovely new bride "Koozie", was just so wonderful to me, so I will have to keep connected with them via skype. Like E2's analogy of a good milkshake, you have been sucking along for a while, you know it is running out, and you are just waiting for that final slurping sound at the bottom.........

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