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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Tale Of Two Diametrically Opposed Runs!

Had a pretty good week of weather and running. Went out for 5 runs for a total of 45K. Tuesday I ran 10K with 31 minutes at 15K race pace in the middle. It felt effortless, and was one of my most enjoyable runs of the year. Wednesday I ran 8K easy. Thursday, I got out in the late morning, as we were heading over to June's house around 2 PM for thanksgiving festivities. The run began just horribly. I got to the twenty minute mark, and gave serious thought to stopping. Convinced myself to run ten more minutes. Didn't feel any better. Pushed out another sixteen minutes for a total of 7K. Man it was horrible. The diametric opposite of Tuesday. Monday and friday were gym days, and on Saturday I did a long run of 13K. I have done one of those for each of the last 5 saturdays. Each time, it turned out to be a windy day. Today I went easy again for 7K.
My race scheduled for sunday the 7th of December has been cancelled. Seems the guy who puts on these 30 half marathons a year around the country is an embezzler. He collects all this money for charities, and it never gets there. He commits to paying for police and race workers, and they never get paid. So, My next race will be the biggest loser in las cruces on january 18th. So, to stay motivated, my goal for the remainder of the year is to get to the 2000 kilometer mark for the year, which would average 40K/25 miles a week for 50 weeks in 2014. I lost two weeks with the death flu in February. So lets hope my body and the weather cooperate and get me there.....


TerribleTerry said...

You're difficult run description reminded me of those few runs from Painesville where it was so horribly windy and cold we ran a zig-zag pattern over to Lake Erie College into a blizzard, turned and ran, with the wind, directly home. I think we ran 30 minutes is all and every step of it was miserable.

Terrible Dad said...

Yah, but that was at least weather related....the damn day was perfect! POP