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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Another Longer Week!

The week started with fairly nice weather which began to deteriorate starting on thursday. I got 5 runs in again for a total of 46 kilometers, or for E2, about 320 minutes. On tuesday I did 8k with 21 minutes run at 10K pace. Wednesday was an easy 8K. On thursday, it was much colder, but I did 10K fairly briskly after warming up. Friday I hit the gym (as I did monday). On saturday, which was colder still and fairly windy, I slogged thru my 13K long run. Today was the absolute worst.....a 7K run that was supposed to be an easy recovery run, which was run in 30 mph winds with gusts up to 45. Had lots of extra clothes on today including knee warmers, calf sleeves, gloves, stocking cap, and two shirts. The wind chill still made it feel pretty cold.
Yesterday morning my toshiba was attacked bye malware. Some crazy shit called "ad by crime watch". F@c$ed my computer up all kind of ways. I tried system restore, running my norton 360 in safe mode, and norton repair kit, but it all failed. So, for the second time in two years, I got online with Norton to chat, and let them take over my computer from india (guys name was Mumot), and watched for two hours as this guy clean the living shit up on my computer. Besides clearing my virus, he cleaned out 916 other unwanted advertising sites, unwanted cookies, and quarantined viruses. It took him two hours, and it was fun to watch my computer fly all over the place, but when he was done, it was like getting a new laptop. I thanked him profusely and told him not only would I give him an A+ review, but that I would tell norton that it was because of him that I would renew norton 360 for year three in february. For $50 bucks a year, to have access to someone to fix the thing when you can't from the comfort of your couch while you are relaxing and sucking wine is just dandy!
Frank sent me this picture in response to my picture I posted last sunday, calling me a wuss and telling me to come back to cleveland. Love ya frank, but that is sure NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!


TerribleTerry said...

well, at least the trees in Frank's yard can stand up on their own!

Terrible Dad said...

Hey man, what the hell? POP