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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Exceeding Last Years Total Kilometers!

Even though I had Deb take this picture last tuesday so I could post it on facebook and mock all those painesville ohio snow pictures everyone was posting, it did finally get colder here yesterday and today. Was in the low 50's both days with very cold 20-30 mph winds. Not all that pleasant. That is light glove and stocking cap weather for me!
I ran 44 kilometers for the week over 5 days. I ran 8K on tuesday with 30 minutes of threshold included. Wednesday I did an easy 7K. On thursday I ran 9K with 19 minutes of alternating one minute sprints and recoveries in the middle. Saturday was supposed to be a long EASY run, but with the winds, it ended up beating me up pretty well. Today I finished with an easy 7K. I have run 5 days a week for all of the last 4 weeks averaging 44 kilometers a week.
Last year was a rough year early, but I did manage to run a total of 1746 kilometers, or 1083 miles. Or, at my slow speed in E2 tracking, somewhere around 11,905 minutes! Anyway, with today's run I have reached 1751 kilometers with about 6 1/2 weeks remaining.
As for racing, I plan to race on December 8th, January 18th, Superbowl sunday, and late march. So it looks like, if I stay healthy, will get a race in monthly. That is plenty for this old body. Continue to look for a 15K or 10 mile race to run next year (just can't orthopaedically do a half marathon), but all the ones I could find involve at least overnight travel. So, we shall see......

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