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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lots Of Running In Nice Weather!

Beautiful day today. Bright sun and a high of 70 degrees. Got out and washed the car (C+ Job Ernie!), washed the front entryway to get rid of the spiders and their webs, and cleaned out a few months of windblown debris. Then spent an hour or so cleaning up leaves and junk from all of my landscaping. My neighbors are smarter, they have an electric blower and just blow all the shit into my yard. The last few weeks have been a mix of low 80 degree periods, and low 60 degree periods. So, have had to wear shirts when I run on occasion (damn!). I see that for next week, all my friends in ohio are going to get to enjoy the first polar vortex of the early winter. Looks like they may have another bad winter like they did last year.
Been running a lot of late. Over the last 22 days I have run 138 kilometers for an average of 6.3 kilometers a day. I will try to keep it up for the next 4 weeks until I taper into my 5K race on December 8th. Feel generally sore, especially my mid back, but I think that my spine and knees are just generally arthritic these days.....probably be that way thru life's finish......

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