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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Closing In On Year End!

Not a great week of weather, but I got 46 kilometers in, even with my irritated knee. The stretches and strengthening are helping, but it still acts up when running long or fast. On tuesday I ran 10K with 33 minutes in the middle at just a hair below 10K race pace. on wednesday I ran 8K easy. Thursday I had to take deb in for her second round of spinal injections (going well!). Friday I ran 11K with 9.5K easy, and a fast finish for the final 1.5 K at around 5 mile race pace. Saturday I did an easy 7K, and today I did another 10K with 8k easy and 2k at the end also around 5 mile race pace. So I have been running primarily 5 days a week for the past 10 weeks, and averaging around 5 hours of running each week. Next race scheduled in mid january for my second crack at the biggest loser run. Hope not to crash over anyone this year.
I will end up running 4 days in a row in each of the next two weeks, as the dim bulb that runs the gym has it closed for three days each over the christmas and new years holidays.....don't like to do that, so I will need to be careful and insure that I sprinkle in a lot of easy recovery days.
Joe and Janet left early this morning for laughlin and vegas. They should return late on the 29th. Chris and AD will get here christmas eve afternoon. We will have prime rib at June's on christmas day. A couple days before new years I will thaw the two large slabs of ribs Joe gave me a few months ago to smoke, trim the two small ends for my annual new years eve and new years day pork, pork ribs, potatoes, and sour kraut, and smoke the two slabs for joe and I to snack on. So that should get me to the new year......

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