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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Limping Into The Holidays!

Due to a couple of Doc appointments for my bride this week, was only able to get in four runs and two gym workouts. I ran 11K on tuesday, with 31 minutes at 10K pace. Thursday I ran an easy 10K. Saturday I did another 11K briskly at around what would be half marathon pace if I could orthopaedicly run a half! Today I did another brisk 8K in the cold wind, just because I was freezin' my ass off! So 40K total for the week.
I have been able over the last ten days to figure out what is going on with my right knee. The symptoms stabilized at the outer knee about two inches below the center of my knee cap. So, just like last June when I was upping mileage and doing speedwork on the track, I have irritated my Iliotibial band. Back to those particular stretches I don't like that irritate my back while I am trying to stretch the lower knee band insertion point, cessation of any speedwork, and lots of icing. Last summer I had it a month, and I am struggling with it for about two weeks now. Damn cold november and december aren't helping things any. Will keep trying to run and move thru it.....
Everthing is bought, wrapped, delivered, and squared away for christmas. Joe and I see UNM vs NMSU basketball on saturday. I will give him his gift before he leaves, as he will be gone from sunday thru the 29th in laughlin and vegas. Otherwise, my bride gets more shots on thursday, and we see the attorney tomorrow to have him tell us what he is going to do now as far as finally sending demand letter(s). Farm bureau is asking for 5 years of medical records. Of course we signed all these releases back in June, and they contacted nobody. Just more delay tactics. Humana wants about 5 grand off of any settlement we would get as subrogation. Doubt we will end up with much more in our pockets than a vacation once this is all resolved......

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