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Monday, January 5, 2015

Better Weather!

Two nice days of running in good weather. Yesterday was a sunny breezy 53. I ran 12 kilometers. Today was 57, sunnny, and windless. Got in 8 more kilimeters with 6 by 2 minute intervals with 2 minute recoveries. Tomorrow I will hit the gym, run again wednesday and thursday, hit the gym friday, and finish the week with runs on saturday and sunday. Weather for the next 10 days is all due to be sunny and 50's. Needed a break like that from the previous 35 horrid days of weather. Looks like my friends out east and in the midwest are going to enjoy a week of much colder weather. That's what they get for laughing at me......
Need to drop the extra 5 lbs. I added for the holidays this year. Way too much good food and alcohol. I am running as much as my old body is able, and lifting weights twice a week, so will have to do it thru eating and drinking less. Gotta keep the weight down so the pounding stays down!

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