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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Two Upcoming 10K's!

Last year, my dwarf peach tree produced only 5 good edible peaches. Two years ago, it produced around 50. Kind of like my melon just never know. Now depending on weather and wind, I will hopefully get at least an average of the previous two years crops. The picture above is of some of the first flowers forming on the tree......
With my bride suffering from her current maladies, it has been difficult getting all of my workouts in, but I have managed to reasonably keep up. Last sunday, the day after my 5K race, I struggled thru 13 kilometers in an hour and a half to insure a long run two weeks before my first of two 10K's. On tuesday I ran 8K, 5K easy and 3K at around current 5 mile race pace. On thursday I ran a brisk 10K at around 30 seconds per kilometer slower than expected 10K race pace. Yesterday I ran 11K, 9K easy and 2K at the same exact pace as tuesday. Today I will do an easy 8K. Tomorrow I will head back into las cruces after a workout at the gym, and check on my bride. So, all in all, I think I am ready for back to back 10K's. Having a good base over the last 10 months without any injuries has made me feel stronger than at any time in the last three years. The first 10K is a road race in Las Cruces over undulating terrain. Hoping to run somewhere between 57 and 58 minutes. The second 10K is a trail race on narrow paths where there are no age group awards, and the course climbs over a thousand feet up, and then a thousand feet down. Hoping just to get in a good workout, and finish somewhere around an hour.
Still getting some conflicting information about Deb's condition, and she still doesn't seem that much improved for having spent 11 days in two hospitals. When I called her this morning, she said there still isn't any kind of exact time line for when she may be released. They are taking her off intravenous fluids, and she was eating lightly this morning. The only thing I know for sure, is that once she is home and has a chance to get stabilized for a week or so, we need to look at getting her a colonoscopy. No fun there, but something that has to happen......

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