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Sunday, April 26, 2015


A particularly rough week of running. On tuesday I did 11K with 8.25K easy and 2.75K at around 8K race pace. Wednesday was supposed to be an easy 8K, but with the wind, not so much. Thursday was also windy, and I did 8K with 6 bye 2 minutes intervals faster than 5K race pace. Saturday was 24 MPH winds, with gusts to 35. Got in 13K, knowing the forecast for sunday was pretty dismal. They got it right on sunday and it was 54 degrees, rain and hail, with winds at 28MPH with gusts to 45. Pushed myself thru another 8K. So a total of 48 kilometers for the week, or about a quarter mile or so short of 30 miles. Good effort coming off a hard race a week ago saturday, and a really windy week.
Now, I don't mind running in the wind because it is more effortful. That can be handled by reducing pace, shortening runs, altering speedwork, etc. What I hate about it, is that, even when running north and south with the wind coming from the side, it twists and turns your body all kinds of odd ways. 45+ wind gusts move me all over the place. that really plays havoc with my back rotates, feet and knees rotate, and it makes me sore afterwards from neck to feet. So, hopefully the windy season, which came late, will end soon, or I will just get to fly away from it in two weeks or so.......

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TerribleTerry said...

Instead of wind, you'll get Philly pathletes to run you down on bicycles.