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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Difficulty Recovering!

Really struggling with recovering from last saturday evenings race. On sunday I tried to do a long run, but ended up struggling thru 8K. Monday I hit the gym. Tuesday I did 11 kilometers.....8.25 easy and then 2.75 at around 5 mile race pace. Wednesday I did 8K easy. Today I did 8K, with 6 two minute intervals at faster than 5K race pace. All of this was with sore back and knees, and a resting pulse rate that showed the difficulty I am having recovering from saturday. Tomorrow I will hit the gym again, and hopefully my runs on saturday and sunday will be less effortful and my joints will stop hurting and my resting heart rate will return to the normal range....
In the picture above before the start of saturdays race, you will see me on the far right almost like I am photo bombing the picture. The guy on the left who is pinning his number on in the red and blue with the ponytail and american indian features, was the only other old looking guy, and I passed him at around 2 kilometers, and never saw him again. He didn't finish within two minutes of me, when I left the finish area doing my warmdown, and headed down a dirt trail. So, that be that.....

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