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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Altitude Acclimitazation!

  Ran 10K yesterday and 8K today. At the same pace I was running before I headed to Philly, my heart rate was averaging around 10 beats per minute higher. I also felt generally sluggish. I think that I have lost my altitude acclimitazation. Probably take three weeks or so to get it back. June is our hottest month here in Deming, so I will also begin the process of running around 7 p.m. each night. Received an email that the electric 5K will again be held on the evening before the 4th of July. Had a pretty poor experience last year with all the smoke from the grills setting off my asthma, as well as all the kids scrambling onto the course to get at the vendors selling crap, but I told Chris that if he defended his title, I would run it again. He is struggling with about three months of tendonitis in his knee and wants to take a few weeks off and swim, but will tell me later if he chooses to run it.
Took this picture at the philly art museum. Got yelled at because I didn't realize that my camera was on auto flash. Ended up with a nice picture all the same.....

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