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Saturday, May 9, 2015

What Doesn't Kill You.......Sometimes Just Doesn't Kill You!

You know the old saying, "what doesn't kill you makes you strong", but it seems for me, at this advanced age, it simply doesn't kill you....not sure you get much in the way of a training effect from it! My plan this week, since I knew that I was only going to get 4 runs in, was to do two 12 kilometer runs with intensity, and two 8 kilometer recovery runs the day after for a total of 40 kilometers for the week. On tuesday, I did 12 kilometers with a 12 and 11 minute set of long intervals toward the end of the run at around 10K race pace. Hard workout, but didn't feel too sore or anything after, and then did 8 kilometers easy on wednesday. Thursday was Deb's scope day, so my plan was to really do a hard workout of friday, hit the gym on saturday, and then do an easy 8 kilometers on sunday and monday before heading off to Philly on tuesday. Friday was a low 80's day with lots of wind, but I got it in my head to try and complete 7 four minute intervals. I started somewhat conservatively, with the goal of making each interval faster than the one before. that worked for the first six, but the last one was closer to the first one as I was totally spent. Sore as all shit later in the day, and damn tired that day and today while trying to force out a good weight workout. So I recognized that I over reached on that workout. Although I need to include two days of intensity each week......sometimes short sprints, sometimes short intervals, tempo work and cruise intervals to try and keep the aging slowing process reasonable, I just have to be careful to try and keep the shorter stuff limited to around 12-15 minutes or so, and the longer stuff to 20-30 minutes. 28 minutes of hard shorter stuff turned out to be just too damned much! Makes too big a hole to recover from!
The cactus on top I bought in the spring. It was full green, but the placard on it said that once it started to get lots of sun, it would turn orange or red. Damned if that didn't come true!
This is the side yard between Joe's and our house.....all of our cacti are blooming at the same time. Gonna have to do some thinning out when I get back from Philly. Getting too damn big!
And finally, Dottie is not into cuddling. You can tell from the expression on her face she isn't interested in this. She got up and walked away shortly after he tried to nuzzle. That is eventually what she always does.....

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TerribleTerry said...

I read in a book about evolution that it's not "that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger"...but actually what kills everyone else eventually makes your offspring stronger.