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Saturday, May 16, 2015

40 Years Running....

I happen to be in my 40th year of running. Now my running life has exceeded my work life, my sex life, my marital life(s), and everything else, except of course, just my life! My running life has only lasted this long due to the fact that I have run the last 15 years is desert sands in New Mexico and Nevada. I have been in Philly with Kwon and Billy since tuesday. On both wednesday and thursday, Billy and I walked two miles, then I walked about a mile and a half both ways going to and from the "sure kill" (schuykill), and then ran 8K and 10K on the trail those 2 days. All on cement and asphalt. Bye friday morning, my spine and knees were toast. I took friday off and tried to rest all the aches and pains. Today Billy walked me down to the the south street bridge as our walk for the day. Before he left,  he cranked out a quarter mile on the schuykill himself and got a good mesotheleoma lung burn in his one functioning lung. He is my one lung locomotive! Today, being saturday, was an absolute madhouse on the trail. There were racing bikes, 4 wheel 4 person rental bikes, segway scooter tours, people walking 4 abreast,  old people tourists weaving all over not understanding the stay right rule, etc. Since I plan to not run more than two days in a row here until I get home, I was thinking that next weekend, my last weekend here, I would  only run on the trail one of those weekend days, but then I realized that it is memorial day weekend, so I am screwed! I was in City Sports talking to running staff, and they said that there was only one other real possibility where I could run and enjoy dirt paths, but that was 6 miles away in a rough neighborhood. So my plan is to keep my runs 10K or less, and just try to run them with more intensity, allowing me to run a bit less mileage on this trip than the norm back home.
For you Terrible, the way we went down to the trail has been replaced bye this new kilometer ramp off of the south street bridge, down and  out into the river, and connecting with the trail where we picked it up bye crossing the rail tracks and going thru the black iron gates. When you get here, you will be able to go down either south street or walnut and connect to the trail and hike up to the art museum, etc.

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TerribleTerry said...

You've been running more years than I've been alive. Let's see...I ran from 4th grad on. So from age 9 to 30, then for a year when I was 37 or 38. So I got 22 years running and didn't do too much from 9 to 16. Basically I got 1/2 the wear and tear and never got ran down by cattle a truck. I've been saving my cattle truck experience to get harpooned next week by some triathletes arrow bars on the surekill!!