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Saturday, June 13, 2015

9 Month Healthy Streak Ends!

Well, my 9 month healthy streak came to an end on thursday. I went out to do a 10K run with a fast finish,  and my back felt oddly sore, and by a half hour, I could hardly walk. Back spasms hit and I have been couch bound ever since. The usual pattern is 3-5 days of general immobility, and then I can start to stretch and strengthen the area. Some times the situation can be resolved in a few weeks, other times it takes a few months. Either way, my planned race for the 4th of july weekend is off, and my thoughts will turn to the fall. What is particularly irritating, is that I have tried really hard to do every spine stabilization exercise in the know universe to keep this at bay. I know with the 4 back surgeries, that there are just some structural problems that I probably can't overcome, so that is why I keep my mileage down and my racing in the 5K to 10K range. So, I will try and rehab again, and hope and pray that it is not a disc problem, as I just can't do any surgeries for at least 18 months until that old medicare kicks in.
This is the award ceremony from last sunday. These women are either cancer survivors, or have lost someone recently to cancer. They made me feel like a giant! Anyway, they are tough little ladies....


TerribleTerry said...

Get healthy old man. You need to be mobile to feed those cats while I show mom my buildings in Ohio.

Terrible Dad said...

Been 5 days with no real improvement yet.....never know if these episodes will last three weeks or three months! pop