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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Frankenspine Returns!

Well, it has been 11 agonizing days since I hurt my back. Not a lot of positive progress so far. The pain has moved to the right side  of my spine, and I have some paresthesia as well....tingling in the balls of both feet, and in my right calf. You all know that odd feeling you get when your foot or hand falls to sleep....kind of a random similar experience. This tells me a couple of things....The disc level is L5-S1, the lowest lumber level where I have twice previously had surgery. The herniation or disk leak is pushing out the rear to the right. Not a shitload of disc material exists for me at that level, so if in the next 4-6 weeks, the paresthesia doesn't fade or disappear,  will have to start with the MRI first (Catching$$$), and then probably to a surgical resolution that doctors wanted to do 20 years ago.....a fusion at that level. (Real Catching$$$ there!).

So, all I can do is the prescribed exercises, walk my skinny ass off, and ice 4 times a day and wait it out. Really really wanted to hold off on any medical crap for 18 months until I got to medicare so I could stick it to all those young working stiffs! So, it is what it is, and will end up like it will end up. Got a bit pissed at myself today cause I did something I rarely do.....felt sorry for myself and got into one of those "why me" places.....then I thought about sister Suzi who died 2 years ago today and was dealt about the shittiest health hand a person could ever not ask for. So I stopped being a whiny bitch and just got back on the yoga mat!
Was out watering the nice golden pine this evening and got this poor guy wet and pine covered. Good place to hang out in the 103 degree weather. The last week or so of June is always our hottest week of the year and most likely to exceed 100. looks like it will be that way again for the next 10 days. Keeping my walks to 20 minutes at a time so I don't die of heat stroke!!

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