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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Groundhog Day In Hell!

Well, today is the 18th day of my visit to Dante's 7 rings of hell. Like that Bill Murray groundhog day movie, I feel like I am reliving this same day of misery. Each morning, I awake in pain and prepare for the first hideous nauseating half hour of pain that comes when I get up and start to move. I get coffee going, get on the yoga mat, and start to try to do about 15 different exercises to stretch my back muscles and decompress my discs. Then I do my first walk of the day of my three twenty minute walks. I come back and eat, and then start to try different strengthening exercises back on the yoga mat. After another walk, I eat lunch and then head into the guest bedroom and lay in a fetal position to take the load off my spine. Another pre-dinner walk, dinner, then liquor and TV to numb myself, and then groundhogs day starts again. Today was the first day where there was a small amount of less sharp pain and spasms, so I guess we will call this progress. I have a doctors appointment on Wed july 8th for an annual physical, and I will ask the doc for a referral for an MRI. The end of July will mark 6 weeks from disc blowout day, and if there is not substantial improvement, I will have to begin the painful and expensive dance toward surgery.
With a 20% drop in the chinese stock market over the last two weeks, the chinese govt has lowered interest rates, and more frighteningly, lowered bank reserve requirements to try and stabilize their stock markets. Tomorrow the greek stock markets and banks will be closed, and the government has imposed capital limits of 800 euros a day for withdrawal thereafter. ATMs were drained over the weekend. If the greeks are removed from the euro and create their own currency again, folks will find that their $100,000 bank balance will now be worth $60,000 overnight. So will folks in Italy, Portegal, and Spain start to consider running on their banks? The chart above shows that a correction, a drop of 20% or more, is no one can predict what the catalyst will be for this correction, but this could be one of those reflection points.....might be a good week to buy the GLD gold ETF......

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