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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

5 Weeks In!

Well, I am 5 weeks in and having mixed results. The back pain is gone, and I felt that I was finally making good progress over the weekend, but the last three days have been filled with excessive numbness and tingling again. One step up and two steps back. May have been a bit too aggressive in trying to rehab this. Again, I remain committed to giving this at least three or more weeks to see if any more improvement occurs before engaging the medical industrial complex.
My old toshiba is on its last legs and I found a windows 7, 17.3" screen HD acer at walmart online which should be here over the next week or so. Will have to move a lot of music and pictures once it comes. While Deb and I both use her apple macbook air, I still don't find it to be as intuitive as, say, an Ipad. Every review on the laptops with windows 8 complain about how slow it is, how much bloatware is attached, and how much memory it sucks up, so I was glad I could find an older model on clearance with windows 7. If windows 10 gets good reviews, I may ultimately give it a try...who knows!

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