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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

6 Weeks!

Well, six weeks have passed and the progress has seemingly stalled. Since I can't look inside my spine, I am not sure if the disk ligament tore and released the nasty gel into the canal and irritated the nerve, or if there is a substantial herniation. So, assuming the former, I recognize that the nerve could remain irritated for up to 6 months while the myelin coating heals. If it is the latter, then I will have to wait until the protruted disk material is reabsorbed. So, in two weeks I will take this fat out of shape body and begin trying to do some walk jogs to see if it irritates the condition further or not. If it does, on to the MRI. If it doesn't, then just try to wait it out longer.
Have been working on transferring photos and music into the new Acer, as well as setting up mozilla firefox, setting up the many shortcuts on the toolbar, setting up security, and removing all of the unnecessary bloatware that acer and windows 7 added. The 18 inch high def screen is excellent, and it weighs about the same as the dying toshiba 15 inch it is replacing. Sure is darned fast compared to the dying toshiba also. Will have to try and keep it that way......

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