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Thursday, July 30, 2015

4 "Runs" And Two Gym Workouts.....

Well, last saturday I decided to try and do a run walk to see how the back and feet would respond. Back was fine, feet buzzed the whole time. I ran 5 kilometers, with a one minute walk every time my heart rate got above 140. I would then walk until it returned to 120. Ended up with six short walks. Sunday, even though I was sore as hell, I repeated Saturday's effort with three one minute walks. On Monday I took my super sore lower body to the gym and did an upper body workout, with only exercises that allowed me to keep my spine aligned on a pad. By Tuesday, I was sore everywhere! Tuesday it was a bit cooler and overcast, and I was able to keep my heart rate below 133 and ran the whole 5k. Super slow though.  Still doesn't feel like any kind of normal running, and I am sure that will take about three weeks. Don't want to push it until/if the parasthesis is gone. Same with the gym. 8 weeks of just walking and floor stretches and exercises sure made me completely out of shape!
This is Dr. Palmer, the dentist who spent 50 thousand dollars to kill Cecil the Lion after the lion was lured off of a reserve and onto a farm. He shot it with a bow, and failed to kill it. It took 40 hours for the lion to be killed with a bullet. Sure Cecil enjoyed that. Great sport that. Zimbabwe wants to extradite him, but no one can find him at the moment. His dental office is closed, and folks are leaving stuffed lion toys at the door. I am fine with hunting when you actually are doing it for sustenance. "Sport" hunting is just pure evil. This asshole has killed all  kinds of nearly endangered species with his bows. Bears, different cats like the one pictured above, Rhino's etc. Now some are nearly endangered species. Would love to see him stripped down, covered with blood, and left overnight in a nice jungle preserve.......

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