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Monday, August 3, 2015

Bullshit Rationalizations!

Was watching the CBS evening news tonight, and they had another doctor big game hunter. This guy went on and on about how these fifty and sixty thousand dollar hunting licenses do so much good for conservation. Now what is so damn funny to me, is that you could, if you were a rich doctor, give such money to conservation WITHOUT THE NEED TO KILL SOME GIANT HELPLESS FUCKING ANIMAL. Seems like just an absolute bullshit rationalization to me. If there are only 25,000 Lions in the world, why let hunters kill 600 a year. Reminds me of when an NFL player who drives 135 miles an hour high with his 5 year old child in the car says "I need to grow up and be a roll model and be more responsible for my family and my team". Somehow you couldn't recognize that this was stupid as shit, and be a responsible adult BEFORE YOU GOT CAUGHT BEING AN ASSHOLE. Now I was never a fan of Derick Jeeter, but he never had to say he was a role model because he always behaved like one. O.K., rant part is over.....
So, friday evening into saturday morning I came down with the fucking flu or a bad cold, and of course, gave it to my bride who has been struggling with her damn pancreas again. In the last week or so I ended up getting 4 runs in and three gym workouts, all of which left me so damn sore I wanted to cry. Now I am sore from this bug, and when I get to start again in the near future, will probably go thru that soreness again. All of this began with the herniated disk, which is still giving my symptoms, on June 12, my boy Terrible's 40th birthday.....why is he doing me like this? I gave him the best years of my life!

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