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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night.....

I had the weirdest dream ever this morning just before I awoke. I was asleep in the dream, and then these three toeheaded rugrats were yelling "dad, get up, get up". I looked down at them, and they had brown crap all over their hands and faces. The oldest boy said "someone delivered barbeque so we had some". Deb then sat up and said "that's for your fathers fight night with the boys". She looked just like she did from her wedding photo in vegas....same nicely streaked multi colored hair. She said "go back to sleep, I will take care of this". I got up a few minutes later, went into the bathroom to wash up, and low and behold, I was in my early 40's again! I went down stairs, and there was Deb with goo all over her face and hands laughing heartily, and I thought don't screw this up, you love this woman too much. Then Deb said "Rosa, come take this downstairs and put it all in the refrigerators". I then thought, damn, I am not a racist, why do I have a Mexican maid? Then I thought some more and figured, that would  be a lot safer than some young Scandinavian girl! So I went out the front door to get the newspaper, and there were 20 people tending to my lawn. I picked up the paper and walked a few yards out the front walkway and looked up at the house......three monstrous stories of estate. On my way into the kitchen I passed the kids in the living room watching TV and eating cereal. I went back into the kitchen and grabbed some coffee, and Rosa asked if I wanted her to make breakfast, and I said no, how about just some pastry. Next, the doorbell rang, and Rosa went out to the door, and came back and said "Mr. Tom, your attorney is here". I thought, what the hell do I have an attorney for and said "send him in". Then Ernie comes walking in, also in his early 40's, and I thought, should I tell him he is  going to get leukemia? He is dressed to run and asks Rosa for some coffee. He sits down and I simply ask "why the hell do I have 3 small children" and he says "cause I keep your books and you can surely afford to!" I ask if he will be coming over tonight, and he says yes with Frank and again, I think, should I tell Billybob he is going to get mesothelioma? Terry then walks in the kitchen and is a 17 year old shave headed boy. He asks Ernie and I if we are gonna go running, and I say yes, and he laughs and says don't hurt yourselves. I then ask him if he has decided where he wants to go to college, and he says Florida to follow in the footsteps of Frank Shorter, but only if they offer him a scholarship. I say "doesn't matter if they do or not, if that is where you want to go, I will send you there". He laughs again and says," no, I will earn this on my own and go where ever a scholarship will take me", and I say "you didn't seem to mind me giving  you  the corvette for your 17th birthday, so why was that  different". He laughs again and says "damn Pop, that was a gift"! He then grabbed a tray full of food and headed out to the living room to eat with his siblings and I woke up........What the bloody hell does this dream mean?

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