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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Runnin' With The Devil!

I have decided to just try and run every other day for the next three weeks or so. My buzzing/tingling is now solely in my feet, so I want to run some, but not a lot, until hopefully that resolves. If that takes months, so be it. My last three runs......friday, sunday, and tuesday were with AD. Since her and Chris have moved into country club, she has decided to restart running again, with me! Now we covered 5K on friday, and 6K on sunday and tuesday. Now an out of shape AD, is still a natural young athlete who weights less than a hundred lbs. So she can talk the whole time, and when she asks a question I have to answer, I end up breathless. My heart rate is hitting around 150 during the last mile of each run, so I have to work to slow her down and keep her talking. She has vision problems with her right eye, so when we run, she is always on my right. Nice to have her, just wish she ran a bit slower. She starts school teaching next week, so I don't know how this will all go when the weather gets cooler and I have the chance to run during the day when she is at work, but maybe we will still get to run together on weekends.....
My bride is finally going thru a better spell, and her belly is feeling much better. Not sure if she will get to Ohio this fall, but I do want her travel ready by next summer for our 25th anniversary. Gotta get her to an ocean.....

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