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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One Step Up, And........Oh Crap!

Man I just can't seem to get out of my own way.....Last week I got three 6K runs and one 7K run in with AD, and then on sunday, my almost gone cold decided to jump to my lungs and give me a nice dose of secondary bronchitis. Had to start eating those mucus relief tabs, and start using the symbicort inhaler again that saved my bacon a year ago february. Will stick with it for the next two or three weeks just for a bit of overkill. If things go o.k., will try another short run with AD again on thursday. I recognize that if I choose to do a few races, it will be next year, and I may instead choose to just quit that aspect of my running career. Never like to make any decisions from a place of weakness. Back is totally limited to just occasional buzzing in my feet, so I still need to work thru that, so there is no need to try and run too much yet. Anyway, still trying to crawl my way to medicare.
Love listening to these republican candidates come up with their inane proposals on replacing obama care, throwing every hispanic out of the U.S., building the great wall of texas, making raped 10 year olds have children, and spouting that same old rhetoric about trickle down economics at a time when 80% of the working population is just continuing to sink.....sure wish we could have more republican debates with real non-fox directed questions......what a completely ideologically bankrupt and amoral collection of corporate whores they all are........

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