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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Anchor Babies Invading Mer'ca!

Gotta love that Trump.....he keeps pulling the other candidates into his lunatic world view. Walker, that high school educated nimrod who has been falling in the polls, has turned himself into Trump lite. And now Jeb, the one candidate who had a chance of pulling Hispanics into the Republican party has fallen into the "repeal the 14th amendment, and save america from the anchor babies". Bet Marco Rubio loves being referred to like this. So build that giant great wall of texas, find a way to strip medical coverage from the poor, disable medicare and social security, keep women barefoot, pregnant, and down on the farm, and try to accelerate the transfer of all national wealth from the many to the few.  Gonna be a long interesting ride into the 2016 election. What these candidates forget in this new media age, is there is always a recording of everything crazy that you will all come back to you....

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