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Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Hard To Return In The Heat!

Was a hot week last week, and I ran three runs with AD on tuesday, thursday, and friday. All three were 8K runs. AD talks my little brain off and asks lots of questions which take me a while to answer while I struggle to breath. She also has a tendency to pick it up during the last two kilometers. I asked her why she keeps doing this after swearing at her to slow down, and she says that when she was in high school she had a shitty cross country coach, and all he ever told the girls was that when they saw the school, to race each other home. So when she turns onto the bike trail at the soccer fields and can see our development, she starts to gear up. Sunday I ran myself as she had some schoolwork to prepare for today, so I got to go slower and added a kilometer to get to 9K. Will stay in this range until it cools down a bit, and then try to work back to the 40K/25 mile weeks I was running before the disc bulge. Then starting in November, God willing, I will start to add some cruise intervals and short sprint intervals to try to get into better shape....we shall see....

On saturday after the gym,  I dropped Deb off at tractor supply to do a six hour volunteer stint for the deming animal guardians spay and neuter van. I then headed to walmart to get my head shaved and noticed that the hatch chili truck was pulling in with boxes of hatch green chilis fresh off of the vine. After my haircut, I went into produce and asked for a box, and had it taken outside to the roasters to have the box roasted. A box costs $15.88 for 25 lbs. Roasting is free. I bought a box of 50 gallon freezer bags as well. When I got the bag home, I let it sit for 4 hours to soften, cool, and allow the skin to peel off easily when eating. I ended up with 24 bags of 8 large chilis each which i rolled to remove as much air as possible, and put in the freezer in the garage. I will give 4 bags to Joe, about 10 to Chris and AD, as they eat them with virtually everything, and keep 10 for myself. They keep well for about six months and go great in sandwiches, green chili cheese burgers, eggs, on top of bake yourself pizzas, etc. When I was running yesterday I also went past the border food giant chili processing plant and the smell was wonderful.....lasts until late september when they switch to jalapenos, and then it is like being maced.....

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