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Monday, September 7, 2015

Still Trying To Fight My Way Back!

Hard hot week of running again.  Ran 10K way too fast with AD on tuesday. As she had lots of school things to do, I got to run a bit easier on thursday and friday, running 9K and 8K respectively. Sunday, I tried to get in a longer run. It was hot, overcast, and humid, and went O.K. for the first hour, and then the sun broke out, and I did 18 minutes of pure zombie drag. Ended up with 11K. So a 4 day 38K week on my way hopefully to cooler weather and my 40K weekly goal. Hope to have that mileage comfortably in tow in october, and then try and pick up the intensity two days a week in november and december. Today I will try and run easy for 8K with AD, as I am sore and tired from yesterday. Hoping for overcast conditions again, but not so far.....
This is a picture from a couple of years ago I found while moving pictures from one computer to the other a while is Deb from when she was with her sisters  in hawaii a few years ago. She found this fellow to pose with in front of the  Ironman store.......

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