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Monday, September 14, 2015

Establishing My Base!

Ran 4 times this past week.....8K on Monday with AD, 8K on Wednesday with Chris coming up behind me to run a mile and a half way too fast with me into the finish. On Friday I ran 8K with 4 cruise intervals of  5, 5, 6, and 6 minutes with 2 minute recoveries. These starting intervals were about 20 seconds per kilometer slower than I did prior to the disk herniation. Sunday I did 10K with 7.5K easy, and then the last 2.5K at what would probably be my half marathon pace if I could ever run a half, which I doubt I could! Still damn hot here, so I am awaiting cooler weather to get myself back to 5 days a week of running and 40K per week. No rush of any kind.
Chris came down with a cold on friday, and AD got head lice. Told them I would look for them in a  few weeks when there is an all clear on  both fronts. When you spend all your time with poor kids who get poor medical care, you are gonna end up catching a lot of crap!
Watched the browns on sunday with my one free week of the football package that I get every year. First, Josh McCown at age 36 runs around getting hit all the time. His concussion fumble  into the endzone at the end of the first quarter was just sad. He won't even last half the year. Then Johnny Rehab comes in, throws a nice touchdown pass, and then the rest of the game goes to hell. Those three tight ends dropped every pass thrown to them. Johnny just doesn't know when to throw the ball away, and holds on to the ball way too long, setting up hits and fumbles.  We better be looking closely at the waiver wires, cause we will need one or  two more quarterbacks just to get thru the season. Had Johnny gone down, our third quarterback is brian hartline the wide receiver. The new vaunted run defense looks like the poor run defense from last year. gonna be a long season......Bought this T-shirt from GV design.....would love to have it tatooed on my upper arm opposite the old injun on the other!!


TerribleTerry said...

cool evenings came here this week. Ran about 25 seconds faster per mile at the same heart rate yesterday. 55 degrees after work instead of 91.

Terrible Dad said...

Wish it would cool here.....still going out at 6:30 P.M. as we remain in the 90's. We are supposed to get a wet and cold fall and winter due to the El Nino, but it surely hasnt happened yet. miss you....pop