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Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Bit Better Week!

Based on scheduling, ended up running 5 days this week. On Tuesday, I took the car in for its first free annual servicing. After I was done, I went and ran on the Tom Quade Memorial Fitness Path at NMSU. It was 96 degrees, and I wilted after 6 kilometers. Wednesday I ran 8 K including six 3 minute intervals with two minute recoveries. Felt good to start going faster, even though it is much slower than pre disk herniation. Thursday was just an easy 8K. Saturday I did a longer run of 11K, and today I did a faster run of 8K with AD. So, my first 41K week since early June. 
Johnny rehab had a pretty good day....throwing two touchdown passes and taking no sacks or offering up any interceptions. Still just an adequate quarterback, but if the rest of the team plays well and he just game manages, we have a shot at 8 and 8! Watched the Eagles play Dallas in the afternoon....worst offensive performance I have seen by a football team in at least ten years. The Chip Kelley era doesn't look so great to me......

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