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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Garmin Forerunner 235 Complex Laptop On The Wrist!

Watching the Hyundai Bowl from El Paso, and it is a blizzard with 45 degree angle snow. It snowed here lightly going into the gym and on the way out, but for now, it is clear here. Came home and made a broth with the smoked ham bone and the scraps, and then made a large vat of ham, potato, and cheddar soup. It is cooling now and tastes just dandy. Will give Chris and AD a container, as AD doesn't think you can make any kind of soup with ham broth except ham and bean, and growing up in mexico,  she likes beans pretty much every way EXCEPT in soup.  Anyway, lungs are still struggling, but I expect if the advair steroid is gonna work, will happen in the next couple of days. Ran like a weak boy this week, just 3 runs of  eight kilometers. Will try and do the same tomorrow. The weather forecast thru new years day is pretty cold, windy, and awful. Until my lungs heal, can't really try speed work, or much of anything else. Maybe next year!
Kwonnie girl and billybob got me the new garmin 235 for christmas. It was only released December 2nd. It is almost a mini computer on your wrist. You can use it as an activity tracker, sleep tracker, and all day heart rate monitor, but I shut those off for now to save battery life. It took me a couple of days to figure out how to change the data fields and programs to what I wanted. It is darned complicated. You get a 4 page booklet with it, and then you download the manual which is 32 pages long! It gives you just all kinds of crazy data after a run. Your cadence, average stride length, Vo2 max estimate (I am excellent and on the border of  superior for an aged fuck!), heart rate average (optical heart rate sensor is on the back of the watch!), of course heart rate, pace, etc during splits, and projected race times for everything from mile to marathon. I went in and put in height, weight, gender and age, and put in my actual heart rate which is about 6 beats higher than the tables estimate. It tracks the percentage of time you spend on each run in 4 heart rate zones. Once you run for three weeks, it will create workouts for you to slowly increase your training. Absolutely awesome device. I haven't sinc'd with my iphone yet, as I am using the ant stick to wirelessly download data to my laptop for review. Will save that for when I go on a vacation. Wonderful devise and a special gift!  I think I am using about 25% of its capacity so far, but that's not bad for only three runs......


TerribleTerry said...

I think I'll call Sue at Garmin and ssk if they can incorporate some sort of truck/horse trailer avoidance alarm.

Terrible Dad said...

Smart Ass! You would need to put one of those crash avoidance lasers that lexus uses while I am staring at all the bells and whistles! Love Pop