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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015.....Good First Half, 2nd Half Collapse!

Chris and I accidentally wore the same shirt for Christmas.....two old fuck runners! When he gets up from sitting for a few hours, he actually walks more stiffly than me! Anyway, Ended up with 1624 kilometers to finish 2015......a far cry from the 2000 plus kilometers I ran in 2014. Of course, I lost two months with a herniated disc this year, and finished the year pretty sadly with lots of bronchial problems that I have carried into 2016.
Tried the first run with intensity in over a month today, due to the fact that my lungs feel a bit better, and it was a whopping 48 degrees with little wind. Tried this workout I saw yesterday in competitor online, and it was hard, but not lung or heart crushing. You do 2 repeats of 15 seconds, then ladder up 30, 60, 90, 60, 30, and 15 seconds with equal recoveries. Takes a total of 20 minutes, and you try to do all of the  intervals at around equal effort, so the workout is more a tempo workout than a really hard workout. Felt fine, got in some intensity, and didn't kill myself. Did a total of 9 kilometers today. Have not run more than 10k in a month due to my freakin' lung problems. Even did 3 runs on the treadmill which I hate just to avoid wind chills in the 20's. Next ten days are all due to be in the lower 50's, with 4 of those including rain. No idea what the wind be though.....
Lots of rumors that the browns may go after Chip Kelly for coach. That would probably mean keeping and not trading Johnny rehab, and not pursuing Paxton Lynch, an idea  I am not too fond of. Anyway, like they have been saying every year since 1999, maybe next year!

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