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Friday, January 8, 2016

Carter Braxton Worth Saves My Bacon!

On December 21st, I blogged my belief that the S&P would close the 1st quarter of 2016 at around 1875. A few days later,  I was watching options action on CNBC. Now I don't trade options......they just scare the dickens out of me, but there is an analyst/chartist on that show named Carter Braxton Worth who explains the charts of the market and individual stocks in a very clear and obvious way that I really like. Now, I was preparing to act on my defensive playbook, but he started using the analogy that the market was like a guy you look at, and he looks healthy, but he's really very sick with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and circulation problems, etc., and to just get out of almost everything. I did that as soon as humanly possible, and set up a completely defensive portfolio of dow and S&P shorts, long treasuries, muni's (which I have had for a long period of time) and utilities. The S&P closed today at 1922. At this rate, 1875 looks possible even by the end of next week! So Carter helped me act on my gut feelings, and saved me around $10,000 since that time. Thanks Carter! I will try and be patient and hold onto this defensive structure at least until we get into the high 1870's.....
Saw the doc on thursday, and he substituted flovent for advair, as the advair burned the living crap out of my bronchial tubes. I think I will be taking all these dangerous drugs until the damn weather breaks, which doesn't look like anytime soon!
Have had three runs so far this week in some god awful weather. Tuesday I ran 10K easy in rain and snow. Wednesday I ran 9K, with 6 easy, and 3K at the end at slightly slower than threshold pace. Luckily, Thursday was a gym day, cause it was a day with a 27 degree wind chill and lots of rain and snow. Chris came over after going out to run, turning around after 5 minutes, and calling it off. Today I ran 8K in 42 degrees with a 31 degree windchill. Luckily, the rain and snow came after I was done. This shit just will not end......

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